• 1200 MW total power generation project involvement with Different Engineering, Supply and Construction services which are now lighting up Bangladesh.
  • 13,40,000 Sft Pharmaceutical and Other Facility MEP/Utility and HVAC system involvement with different Engineering, Supply and Construction service which are now in Operation.
  • 23,000 M3 Capacity storage tanks, construction completed in total including engineering and supply, now are in operation.
  • 2000 RT HVAC system project involvement in total which are running smoothly with desired performance.
  • 17000 MT steel Detailing and Fabrication done in total with certified welder now in service.
  • 4,97,000 ft pipeline system Engineering, Supply and Construction done for Power, Pharma and Process industries now in operation.
  • ‘0’ fatality since we started Business proves our strict safety policy.